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    We approach each engagement with practical methods and we measure our success by the concrete results generated for you.

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  • Prima atestare a unui consilier de management



    Despre leadership și delegare:


    "Iar a doua zi a şezut Moise să judece poporul şi a stat poporul înaintea lui Moise de dimineaţă până seara. Văzând Ietro, socrul lui Moise, ceea ce făcea el cu poporul, i-a zis:


    -   Ce faci tu cu poporul? De ce stai tu singur şi tot poporul tău stă înaintea ta de dimineaţă până seara? [...]   Ceea ce faci, nu faci bine. Căci te vei prăpădi şi tu, şi poporul acesta, care este cu tine. E grea pentru tine sarcina aceasta şi nu o vei putea împlini singur. Acum dar ascultă-mă pe mine, am să-ţi dau un sfat şi Dumnezeu să fie cu tine!


    Fii tu pentru popor mijlocitor înaintea lui Dumnezeu şi înfăţişează la Dumnezeu nevoile lui. Învaţă-i poruncile şi legile Lui; arată-le calea Lui, pe care trebuie să meargă, şi faptele ce trebuie să facă.

    Iar mai departe alege-ţi din tot poporul oameni drepţi şi cu frica lui Dumnezeu; oameni drepţi, care urăsc lăcomia, şi-i pune căpetenii peste mii, căpetenii peste sute, căpetenii peste cincizeci, căpetenii peste zeci. Aceştia să judece poporul în toată vremea: pricinile grele să le aducă la tine, iar pe cele mici să le judece ei toate. Uşurează-ţi povara şi ei să o poarte împreună cu tine!

    De vei face lucrul acesta şi te va întări şi Dumnezeu cu porunci, vei putea să faci faţă, şi tot poporul acesta va ajunge cu pace la locul său.


    Şi a ascultat Moise glasul lui Ietro şi a făcut toate câte i-a zis. A ales deci Moise oameni destoinici şi i-a pus căpetenii în popor: peste mii, peste sute, peste cincizeci, peste zeci. Şi judecau aceştia poporul în toată vremea; toate pricinile grele le aduceau la Moise, iar pe cele mai uşoare le judecau ei toate."

    Ieșirea – cap. 18


  • Process Optimization Assistance

    - increasing the efficiency of each department of your business

    - efficiency analysis and improvement, process by process

    - decision-making processes optimization

    - comparative analysis against competitors

    - personnel performance assessment and improvenet

    - personnel-related costs optimization

    - increasing personnel responsibility for costs


    An important provider of fiscal auditing and consulting services had realized that, along with the recession, the market had schrinked and the competition for a solid client portfolio had toughened. An internal study revealed that it was the quality and not the price of the services that mattered most for the clients. In their line of business, quality of service equals accuracy and timelyness of the work done by the employees. Therefore the management decided to ensure the highest possible level of employee performance, to secure the client portfolio and the leading position.
    The BusinessMachine consultants defined, with the management, the most relevant set of key performance indicators for the specific organization. We developed and implemented different sets of periodical performance assessment activities, for each professional as well as for teams, using relevant, mesurable and acceptable criteria. Each assessment indicated improvement actions. We assisted the management in implementing the new performance management system for a few semesters, leading to a significant improvement of both the financial performance of the company, as well as of the individual satisfaction of the employees.


  • Sales support

    - updating the sales management instruments & system

    - simple and effective sales boost campaigns

    - growing or optimizing the sales partners network

    - more efficient sales staff motivation policies

    - recruiting, selecting, training sales team members

    - implementing simple sales performance assessment tools

  • The first record of a management adviser



    On delegation and leadership:


    "The next day Moses sat as judge for the people, while the people stood around him from morning until evening. When Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, saw all that he was doing for the people, he said:


    - What is this that you are doing for the people? Why do you sit alone, while all the people stand around you from morning until evening? [...] What you are doing is not good. You will surely wear yourself out, both you and these people with you. For the task is too heavy for you; you cannot do it alone. Now listen to me. I will give you counsel, and God be with you!


    You should represent the people before God, and you should bring their cases before God; teach them the statutes and instructions and make known to them the way they are to go and the things they are to do. 

    You should also look for able men among all the people, men who fear God, are trustworthy, and hate dishonest gain; set such men over them as officers over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. Let them sit as judges for the people at all times; let them bring every important case to you, but decide every minor case themselves. So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you. If you do this, and God so commands you, then you will be able to endure, and all these people will go to their home in peace.


    So Moses listened to Jethro and did all that he had said. Moses chose able men and appointed them as heads over the people, as officers over thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens. And they judged the people at all times; hard cases they brought to Moses, but any minor case they decided themselves."

    Exodus, chapter 18.



  • The overall results of the business depend on the way each employee performs


      The training sessions with the BusinessMachine trainers have helped me progress professionally rather fast, as they have provided me exactly the information I needed and have done so in a very well-organized manner.”Nicoleta Besca, Chief Accountant, PRACTICOM.


      Interactive training sessions with new information presented very orderly. They gave me additional efficiency and a methodical approach to everything I do, and have also strengthened my position in the company.”Ionuț Trandaf, Account Manager, GRAFICĂ ȘI TIPAR.


  • The Team


    The BusinessMachine teams coordinators:


    Clement Dan has studied engineering, psychology and business development in Romania and the United Kingdom. With over 20 years of experience in business consulting in Europe, USA and Japan, Clement founded BusinessMachine in 2002, as a training and consulting company capable to assist managers in their effort to improve their results in business development, personnel motivation, accessing new markets, optimizing operational costs.. 

    Oana Filip specializes in customer relations, with over 15 years of experience in the field, and has a solid engineering as well as psychology educational background. Oana has coordinated business start-up and business development projects, training and personnel performance assessment projects for important companies in retail, manufacturing, logistics, financial services (DHL, TBI Croup, La Fantana, eMAG). Oana joined the BusinessMachine team in 2013 and was instrumental in training and consulting engagements for clients like Cameron Romania, Practicom and others.

    Cosmin Chivu graduated Theology and Classical Languages at the University of Bucharest in 2004. He has organized events for the Modern Romania Foundation, acted as the Production Manager for the "Sapatamana" weekly, and worked for a number of advertising agencies reaching an Executive Director position. Cosmin joined the BusinessMachine team in 2006 and his marketing expertize has contibuted to the success of training and consulting engagements for clients such as BAE Systems, Armax Gaz, HP Romania.

    Bogdan Mihale holds a degree in Computer Science since 1994. After more than 20 years in tehnology solutions for business, he has an extensive experience in IT&C. Bogdan has been involved in all aspects of a large variety of projects, from consulting to project management, complex IT systems architecure design, software applications development, implementation and integration, training. He has worked for IBM Romania and ABTECH. Since 2011, Bogdan has been BusinessMachine's specialist in enterprise software and business automation solutions.

    Ștefania Apostol has been actively involved in the management of youth organizations like VIP and Econosofia, graduated the Faculty of Finance and Banking in Bucharest in 2010 and joined the BusinessMachine team. Stefania has already brought a significant contribution in training and consulting engagements for clients in the printing industry, manufacturing of equipment for gas and oil, IT&C, financial services.

    Lucian Cumpătă has over 20 years of experience in strategic management, as well as in the structuring and re-structuring of businesses. Lucian has accumulated a rich experience in leading large departments or organizations with more than 1,000 employees after working for 12 years in the manufacturing sector (directly involved in production, technology, design, management) and then in business consulting and training for the IT&C, pharma, furniture, retail and distribution sectors.


  • Time management


    - all employees


    1. identifying and reducing the influence of time-consuming factors;

    2. Using new and efficient time management techniques;

    3. Increasing the deadline meeting rate;

    4. More respect for everyone's time.

    The course agenda includes:

    - time - a way to measure quality
    - meet the time thieves
    - planning and prioritizing (practical priorities-setting techniques)
    - focusing on objectives
    - urgent Vs. important
    - response Vs. solution
    - conflicting priorities management
    - delegation - benefits & limitations
    - the importance of efficient reporting
    - "time = money" Vs. "time = health"
    - time - a critical factor for the personal and team productivity
    - tools and technology to help manage time


  • Time management - 11 extra days per year

    The course is for:
    - all types of management personnel

    Course objectives:
    1. identifying and reducing the influence of time-consuming factors
    2. Using new and efficient time management techniques
    3. Increasing the deadline meeting rate
    4. More respect for everyone's time

    The course agenda includes:
    - time - a way to measure quality
    - meet the time thieves
    - planning and prioritizing (practical priorities-setting techniques)
    - focusing on objectives
    - urgent Vs. important
    - response Vs. solution
    - conflicting priorities management
    - delegation - benefits & limitations
    - the importance of efficient reporting
    - "time = money" Vs. "time = health"
    - time - a critical factor for the personal and team productivity
    - tools and technology to help manage time


  • TimeToMarket #01 - Ce este "vederea de pe chiuveta"...

    ... si cum poate fi ea evitata, limitand astfel riscurile la care este expusa firma dumneavoastra

    In era competitiei totale, adica azi, managerii care isi propun sa ramana castigatori fac uz de toate resursele la indemana pentru a se diferentia si a-si asigura noi avantaje competitive. Extinderea afacerilor in piete noi este intotdeauna o provocare, cere intotdeauna examinarea de aspecte noi, complexe si masurarea de riscuri.

  • TimeToMarket #02 - Ghid de scriere a unei propuneri de finantare

    Wizard-ul de scriere de propuneri de finantare care va fi disponibil la BusinessMachine in curand are sa faca munca in locul dvs.  Pana atunci, elementele esentiale sunt prezentate in continuare...

    Au existat, exista si vor exista o multime de finantatori si de programe de finantare. Au mai existat, exista si vor exista o multime de organizatii care cauta finantare pentru proiectele lor de extindere a operatiunilor. Intersectia acestor multimi ar trebui sa o constituie proiectele finantate.

  • TimeToMarket #03 - Lista competentelor unui marketer respectat

    Esti marketer?  Iata lista celor 60 de functiuni de marketing pe care trebuie sa le asiguri pentru companie.  Verifica lista si afla ce ai de facut pentru a-ti creste cota de respect ca marketer in firma.

  • TimeToMarket #04 - Formarea si intarirea echipei

    Fie ca va place sau nu, angajatii dvs. detin cheia succesului dvs.  Examinarea unor fapte simple argumenteaza in favoarea acestei afirmatii.

    Fara a face prea mult recurs la teorie, pe care deja o stiti sau o puteti rapid completa din biblioteca, de vreo treizeci de ani se poarta in lumea managementului si a afacerilor conceptul de “echipa”. Conducerea afacerilor in era post-industriala se bazeaza tot mai mult pe echipa si, mai mult, in anii din urma conceptul a fost perfectionat prin adaugarea unui atribut nou – acum vorbim despre “echipa performanta”.

  • TimeToMarket #05 - Doar propunerile prost prezentate se refuza

    Un posibil model de urmat, in 12 pasi simpli, pentru constructia unei propuneri greu sau chiar imposibil de refuzat...

    Model de vanzare in 12 pasi (mesaj scris sau vorbit)

  • TimeToMarket #06 - Cele 20 de necazuri posibile la participarea la un targ si cum pot fi evitate

    Nimic nu se compara cu contactul direct intre oameni.  Targurile si expozitiile fac acest lucru posibil.  Puteti sa va faceti mult bine daca va faceti treaba bine la targ dar si mult rau daca nu.  Iata 20 de greseli posibile la un targ...

  • TimeToMarket #07 - Checklist-ul marketerului

    Cum facem sa stim daca resursele investite in marketing sunt puse la treaba eficient?  Iata in continuare ce ar trebui sa se intample cu afacerea, daca marketingul ar merge bine.

    Oare echipa dumneavoastra de marketing face cele ce ar trebui sa faca?  Daca ii intrebam pe ei, vor spune cu siguranta ca DA!  Fac ei ceva in plus fata de ce ar trebui sa faca?  Fac ei ceva in minus? Dar ce ar trebui, de fapt, sa faca? Cum facem sa stim...?

  • TimeToMarket #08 - Cum sa castigi timp, bani si bunavointa cu ajutorul felicitarilor electronice

    Iata in cele ce urmeaza cele 7 caracteristici ale unei felicitari ideale.

    In spatele organizatiilor sunt oameni, de aceea felicitarile la ocazii speciale au un aport major in mentinerea unor relatii importante. Anual cheltuim zeci, sute sau mii de euro pe “campanii” de urari de sezon, de cele mai multe ori prin mijloace traditionale. Despre costurile acestora stim tot, despre necesitatea acestor campanii nu mai trebuie sa fim convinsi, despre impactul felicitarii traditionale, din carton, nu stim prea multe, insa.

  • TimeToMarket #09 - 30 de metode de promovare a website-ului (I)

    Un grupaj de tehnici de promovare a web-site-ului dvs., menite sa va aduca trafic suplimentar, adica prezenta in piata, prospecti si clienti mai multi...

    Prima parte: tehnicile #1 - 12

    Dintre multele zeci de tehnici de promovare internationala a web site-ului companiei dumneavoastra, va prezentam pe scurt 30 pe care le consideram importante, grupate pe tehnici traditionale, proactive, bazate pe link-uri, pe motoarele de cautare, pe e-mail sau pe reclama platita.

  • TimeToMarket #11 - 30 de metode de promovare a website-ului (III)

    Inca 10 tehnici eficiente de promovare a web-site-ului:

    Tehnicile #21 - 30
    Dintre multele tehnici de promovare internationala a web site-ului companiei dumneavoastra, va prezentam pe scurt 30 pe care le consideram importante, grupate pe tehnici traditionale, proactive, bazate pe link-uri, pe motoarele de cautare, pe e-mail sau pe reclama platita.

    A.     Tehnici bazate pe link-uri
    B.     Tehnici bazate pe motoarele de cautare
    C.     Tehnici bazate pe reclama platita
    D.     Tehnici traditionale
    E.     Tehnici bazate pe e-mail
    F.     Tehnici proactive

TimeToMarket (RO)

#78: Dupa lege, religie, ratiune si emotii, ce mai cumparam?

Omul mileniului III se percepe pe sine tot mai mult drept un individ unic și irepetabil, cu personalitatea și sensibilitățile sale, care îl definesc ca om. Surprinzător – sau nu – oamenilor pare să le fie bine așa, acest nou comportament, ne-rațional și bazat preponderent pe EMOȚII nu este și disfuncțional. Realitatea obiectivă însă nu se schimbă, doar percepția noastră despre ea. Acceptând emoțiile, sentimentele și dorințele drept ceea ce sunt nu trebuie, totuși, să devenim o țintă și mai ușoară tehnicilor consumeriste îndreptate asupra noastră.

Cât de liber mai decidem? [citeste tot]

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