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  • Highly experienced trainers


    Clement Dan has studied engineering, psychology and business development in Romania and the United Kingdom. With over 20 years of experience in business consulting in Europe, USA and Japan, Clement also writes for business publications.

    Oana Filip specializes in customer relations, with over 15 years of experience in the field, and has a solid engineering as well as psychology educational background. Oana has coordinated business start-up and business development projects, training and personnel performance assessment projects for important companies in retail, manufacturing, logistics, financial services.

    Details about the BusinessMachine team HERE.

  • How are the consultants going to work with you?


    We work with dynamic organizations in solving the most important challenges that their managers are facing. Our role is to be the most trusted adviser of our client.

    We work alongside with managers, helping them make the best decisions, translate those into effective actions, and achieve the concrete results that they want.



    We focus on results - While helping you motivate your personnel, increase your sales, or enter a new market, the BusinessMachine consultants always focus on one thing: producing immediate and concrete results for you.

    We believe in method - We use a practical approach, with frequent results checking. Thus, you can take maximum advantage of our 20 plus years of experience, and of our methods and instruments - some proven internationally and others specifically designed for the current business environment in Romania.


    We will form a dedicated team of consultants to work with your management and execution personnel, in your locations and remotely, to achieve the agreed engagement objectives, one by one.



    For a discusion on how we can best help you get real results:

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  • How much are the consultants going to cost you?


    The consultants generate added value for the business of their client-firm.



    We share the financial risk with you.

    The success of each engagement is very important to us. We guarantee the success, sharing with you the financial risk associated to the project. The final payment for our services will depend on the achievement of the agreed objectives.

    The price for the consulting services will take into account the three basic elements of your specific business situation: the urgency, the risks, the available budget.


     We will adapt the price of our services based on:pricing en

    • how urgent is a solution needed,
    • how much is the client-firm's management available for direct involvement,
    • how much of the consultants' time is required,
    • how capable is the client-firm to allocate an additional operational budget.


    Development opportunities & potential - A FREE REPORT 

    Following a preliminary and non-binding interview plus some research, we will run a development potential analysis for your business. We will develop and provide you a confidential report, for FREE.

    Based on it, we will develop and present you a proposal for a customized consulting, assistance or practical training project designed to achieve, in the most efficient way, your business objectives.


    For a discusion on how we can best help you get real results:

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  • Interactive format

    The personnnel assessment is highly interactive, engaging all subjects, in order to achieve a high level of participation and acceptance.

  • Internal Communication Campaigns


    - setting the communication objectives, along with the management
    - developing the most efficient budget and calendar
    - campaign execution with periodical impact reports
    - final reporting, including recommendations for further performance and motivation enhancement actions



  • Management Communication


    The course is for:
    - General managers
    - Chief Executive Officers
    - Depaetment managers
    - Team leaders
    - Project managers
    - Human Resources Managers
    - Marketing and communication personnel
    - Other categories of personnel

    The course objectives:
    1. A more efficient organization
    2. Less conflicts
    3. More sales
    4. Accelerated business development

    The program includes:
    - The elements of communication
    - Communication styles
    - Listening
    - Barriers to commuication
    - The power of words
    - Internal communication
    - Rules of e-mail communication
    - Best practices for telephone communication
    - Communication with the authorities
    - Communicating with the journalists
    - How to say NO and be liked
    - The 7Cs of successful communnication
    - Organizational communication
    - Specific communnication (sales, public, negotiation, motivational)
    - Crisis communication (unvailed mistake, urgent decision, un-popular actions)
    - Conflict management
    - Organizing and managing meetings
    - Administrative correspondence
    - The communication strategy and plan
    - Communication campaigns - concept, plan, execution, impact assessment, report


  • Managementul schimbarii si dezvoltarii


    - managerilor generali

    - managerilor de departamente

    - coordonatorilor de echipe

    - managerilor de proiect

    - managerilor de resurse umane


    1. Leaderi care se pot impune ?i sunt urma?i;

    2. Management al schimbării/dezvoltării organizat ?i planificat;

    3. Men?inerea la minimum a conflictelor din organiza?ie;

    4. Reducerea cu până la 50% a timpului ?i costurilor schimbărilor.


    - Recunoa?terea semnelor schimbării necesare

    - De ce este necesara schimmbarea

    - Schimbarea ca amenin?are/oportunitate

    - ROI pentru schimbare - abordarea profesionistă

    - Riscurile schimbării la intâmplare

    - Evaluarea nivelului de pregătire pentru schimbare

    - Curba procesului de schimbare

    - "Vânzarea" internă a schimbării

    - Consolidarea structurii ?i resurselor pentru schimbare

    - Planificarea strategică ?i tactică a schimbării

    - Schimbare la nivel de indivizi, echipe, procese

    - Anticiparea, recunoa?terea ?i managementul rezisten?ei la schimbare

    - Schimbarea continuată

    - "Toolkit"-ul managerului pentru schimbare


  • Managementul timpului



    - tuturor angajaților


    1. Identificarea și reducerea influenței factorilor care consumă timp în mod ineficient;

    2. Utilizarea unor noi tehnici de gestionare eficientă a timpului;

    3. Creșterea gradului de respectare a termenelor;

    4. Respect crescut pentru timpul propriu și al celorlalți.


    - timpul - o măsură a calității

    - hoții de timp

    - planificare și prioritizare (tehnici de stabilire a prioritătilor)

    - concentrarea pe obiective

    - urgent Vs. important

    - răspuns Vs. soluție

    - managementul și arbitrarea priorităților

    - delegarea - beneficii și riscuri

    - importanța raportării eficiente

    - "timp = bani" Vs. "timp = sănătate"

    - timpul - factor critic pentru productivitatea personală și a echipei

    - instrumente și tehnologie pentru managementul timpului


  • Managementul timpului – cum sa castigi 11 zile in plus pe an

    -         timpul - o masura a calitatii

    -         urgent Vs. important

    -         raspuns Vs. solutie

    -         managementul si artbitrarea prioritatilor

    -         respect pentru timpul tau si al celorlalti

    -         importanta raportarii eficiente

    -         “timp = bani” Vs. “timp = sanatate mentala”

    -         timpul – factor critic pentru productivitatea personala si a echipei

    -         instrumente smple de management al timpului

  • Managing Change and Development


    The course is for:
    - General managers
    - Chief Executive Officers
    - Depaetment managers
    - Team leaders
    - Project managers
    - Human Resources managers

    Course objectives:
    1. Leaders that are followed
    2. Well-organized and managed change and developmment
    3. A minimal level of conflict inn the organization
    4. 50% less risks and cost of change

    The course agenda includes:
    - Recognizing the signs of necessary change
    - Why is change necessary
    - Change as a threat and an opportunity
    - The ROI of change - the professional approach
    - The risks of un-controlled change
    - Change rediness level assessment
    - Change as a process - the curve of change
    - "Selling" internally the change
    - Preparing the organization for change
    - Strategic and tactical planning for change
    - Changing individuals, teams, processes
    - Anticipating, recognizing, and managing resistance to change
    - Continued change
    - The manager's toolkit for change

  • Măsurarea și monitorizarea productivității


    clarificarea diagramelor de proces

    determinarea costurilor specifice

    stabilirea timpilor de execuție și a încărcării

    cuantificarea contribuției la valoarea adăugată

    determinarea indicilor de productivitate individuală / pe echipe

    implementarea sistemului de monitorizare


  • Middle-management performant

    Consolidarea conducerii intermediare (șefi de departamente, coordonatori de echipe, manageri de proiect) pentru leaderul în logistică și transport, instruire practică în tehnici pentru un management eficace.

  • Middle-management: rolul șefilor de echipe și de departamente



    - coordonatorilor de echipe

    - șefilor de departamente

    - managerilor de proiecte


    1. Consolidarea unei echipe de manageri intermediari;

    2. Manageri intermediari profesioniști;

    3. Creșterea stabilității și siguranței afacerii;

    4. Creșterea potențialului de dezvoltare al afacerii.


    - importanța managerilor intermediari pentru dezvoltarea în siguranță a afacerii

    - rolul și limitările managerilor intermediari

    - managerul - un administrator de resurse și un leader de oameni

    - planificarea (obiective aliniate celor ale organizației, stabilirea priorităților de acțiune, calendar)

    - procesele (delimitarea responsabilităților, simplificarea și documentarea proceselor)

    - resursele proprii (auto-instruirea, autoritatea în organizație)

    - resursele materiale (buget, timp, informații, instrumente de lucru, materiale consumabile, logistica)

    - conducerea (surse de putere, clarificarea viziunii, secretele empatiei, comunicare și relaționare)

    - controlul (indicatori de performanță, instrumente de control, feed-back și rapoarte)


  • Middle-management: the role of team leaders and department coordinators


    The course is recommended for:
    - team leaders
    - department coordinators
    - project managers

    The course objectives:
    1. A strong team of middle managers
    2. Professional middle managers
    3. Increased stability for the business
    4. Increased growth potential for the business

    The course agenda includes:
    - the role of middle-management in safely developing the business
    - the power and the limitations of middle managers
    - the manager - an administrator of resources and a leader of people
    - planning (objectives in line with those of the organization, setting priorities for action)
    - managing the processes (setting the responsibilities straight, simplifying the processes)
    - the manager's own resources (self-training, building up authority)
    - the manager's external resources (budget, time, information, tools, consumables, logistics, people)
    - the manager as a leader (power sources, clarifying the vision, secrets of empathy, communication)
    - the manager as a controller (performance indicators, control instruments, feed-back and reporting)
    - managing your manager


  • P4P - creșterea productivității prin ”pay for performance”


    Identificarea factorilor care scad productivitatea

    Cuantificarea factorilor care cresc productivitatea

    Adaptarea unui sistem de recompensare în funcție de performanță

    Asistență în implementarea și îmbunătățirea sistemului de P4P


  • Parteneri


    logo abtech  

    Advanced Business Technologies

    Furnizor creativ de echipamente, soluții și servicii IT&C pentru companii care își doresc rezolvări eficiente pentru dezvoltare. Prioritatea  specialiștilor Abtech este mai întâi sprijinirea afacerii clientului și apoi tehnologia.
     amicom logo  

    AMICOM Consulting & Strategy

    O echipă de peste 15 profesioniști experimentați, specializați în consultanță strategică pentru comunicare de criză, relații publice, public affairs, relații cu media, marketing, organizare de evenimente și branding.


    Agenția preferată a managerilor care înțeleg importanța abordării eficiente a promovării online. Cea mai bună strategie de marketing online pentru firmă trebuie să fie atât bine structurată cât și perfect adaptată bugetului disponibil.

    Magna Business Solutions

    Prin consultanță si asistență pentru accesarea de fonduri, granturi și alte scheme de finanțare, echipa Magna Business Solutions urmărește să contribuie la deschiderea orizontului companiilor către inovație și progres în domeniul lor de activitate, către prosperitate în afaceri.


    Money x Mergers x Markets.  M27 are servicii de consultanță de afaceri dedicate dezvoltării operațiunilor dumneavoastră în 27 de țări. 60 de ani de experiență, 120 de specialiști în 27 de țări, posibilități fără număr.
  • Partners


    logo abtech  

    Advanced Business Technologies

    A creative provider of IT&C technology and services for companies seeking efficient business development solutions. The top priority for the Abtech specialists is to grow their clients' business by means of information technology.
     amicom logo  

    AMICOM Consulting & Strategy

    A team of over 15 experienced communication professionals specializing in strategic consulting for crisis communication, public relations, public affairs, media relations, marketing, events and branding.


    The agency of choice for managers who understand the importance of an efficient approach to online marketing. A robust online marketing strategy for a company has to be, at the samme time, effectively structured and adapted to the available budget.

    Magna Business Solutions

    The Magna Business Solutions team contributes to opening new horizons of innovation and progress for companies, through consulting and assistance for easy access to grants and other financing schemes.


    Money x Mergers x Markets.  M27 provides international business development services dedicated to your operations accross the borders. 60 years of experience, 120 specialists in 27 countries, countless possibilities.
  • People management - Modern leadership


    The course is for:

    - General/Executive/Operation/Production/Department managers
    - Project managers
    - Team leaders
    - HR managers

    The course objectives:
    1. Establishing strong and professional managers in the organization
    2. Increased engagement and motivation of personnel
    3. reduced conflict and personnel rotation
    4. faster business development

    The program includes:
    - Basic principles for organizing a healthy business
    - Better understanding the role of the manager
    - management as a process
    - The basics of leadership
    - Power sources
    - Negotiating priorities
    - Conflictt management
    - Different perspectives toward performance and productivity
    - Confort Vs. motivating factors
    - Modern motivational techniques


  • Performance management


    The course is for:

    - General managers
    - Chief Executive Officers
    - Depaetment managers
    - Team leaders
    - Project managers
    - Human Resources Managers
    - Operations/Production managers

    The course objectives:
    1. Quantifying the current performance and productivity of individuals, teams, the organization
    2. Implementing performance monitoring instruments
    3. Implementation of adapted instruments for performance and productivcvity enhancement

    The program includes:

    - The 3 Cs of high-performance management
    - Management by objectives
    - Effective Vs. Efficient
    - Strategic decisions, tactical plans
    - Performance definition depending on the specifics of each company and activity
    - Cuantifying productivity
    - Key performance indicators, adapted for each compaMotivating people for performance
    - Bonus/malus policies connected with performance and productivity


  • Personal coaching for managers


    The program is for:
    - General managers
    - Chief Executive Officers
    - Depaetment managers
    - Team leaders
    - Project managers

    The objectives of the counselling program:
    1. Managers with better performances
    2. Incresed self-confidence
    3. Updated leadership techniques and tools
    4. Jointly solving real problems from the organization

    The program includes:
    - The analysis of the managerial context for the subject-manager
    - Objectively assesing the stregths and weknesses relative to the objectives/expectations
    - Management techniques, abilities and instruments directly applicable to the specific situations that the manager is facing
    - Objectives for self-improvement as a manager
    - A self-improvement plan
    - The customized self-improvement toolkit


TimeToMarket (RO)

#78: Dupa lege, religie, ratiune si emotii, ce mai cumparam?

Omul mileniului III se percepe pe sine tot mai mult drept un individ unic și irepetabil, cu personalitatea și sensibilitățile sale, care îl definesc ca om. Surprinzător – sau nu – oamenilor pare să le fie bine așa, acest nou comportament, ne-rațional și bazat preponderent pe EMOȚII nu este și disfuncțional. Realitatea obiectivă însă nu se schimbă, doar percepția noastră despre ea. Acceptând emoțiile, sentimentele și dorințele drept ceea ce sunt nu trebuie, totuși, să devenim o țintă și mai ușoară tehnicilor consumeriste îndreptate asupra noastră.

Cât de liber mai decidem? [citeste tot]

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