Essential to the company: team leaders, department coordinators, top managers


  You kept your promise: you strengthened our middle-management team so that they now communicate well and work more effectively and more efficiently. - Costin Banta, COO, PRACTICOM.

  The collaboration with Mr. Clement and the BusinessMachine team came exactly when we needed it and had positive effects for us right from the beginning. They helped us learn new things and put in order the things we already knew. We are better organised now, and more productive. We managed to maintain our good position in the market and even grow, in times with many changes for the industry. - Dragoș Bălan - General ManagerGRAFICĂ ȘI TIPAR.


COURSES FOR MANAGERS (click to visualize the contents for each course):

Middle-management: the role of team leaders and department coordinators


The course is recommended for:
- team leaders
- department coordinators
- project managers

The course objectives:
1. A strong team of middle managers
2. Professional middle managers
3. Increased stability for the business
4. Increased growth potential for the business

The course agenda includes:
- the role of middle-management in safely developing the business
- the power and the limitations of middle managers
- the manager - an administrator of resources and a leader of people
- planning (objectives in line with those of the organization, setting priorities for action)
- managing the processes (setting the responsibilities straight, simplifying the processes)
- the manager's own resources (self-training, building up authority)
- the manager's external resources (budget, time, information, tools, consumables, logistics, people)
- the manager as a leader (power sources, clarifying the vision, secrets of empathy, communication)
- the manager as a controller (performance indicators, control instruments, feed-back and reporting)
- managing your manager


Strategies and tools for business development

The course is for:
- business development managers
- general managers
- sales managers

Course objectives:
1. An updated and extended set of business development tactics
2. An increased rate of acquiring new business
3. A stronger position as a preferrred supplier
4. An expanding network of business contacts

The course agenda includes:
- planning for business development
- key factors in choosing between intensive, extensive, or new-entry development
- monitoring the execution of the business development plan
- marketing and sales techniques with immediate impact on business development
- managing and growing of the pipeline
- creating and maintaining the respected expert perception in the market
- efficient methods for the continuous growth of the business contacts network


Managing Change and Development


The course is for:
- General managers
- Chief Executive Officers
- Depaetment managers
- Team leaders
- Project managers
- Human Resources managers

Course objectives:
1. Leaders that are followed
2. Well-organized and managed change and developmment
3. A minimal level of conflict inn the organization
4. 50% less risks and cost of change

The course agenda includes:
- Recognizing the signs of necessary change
- Why is change necessary
- Change as a threat and an opportunity
- The ROI of change - the professional approach
- The risks of un-controlled change
- Change rediness level assessment
- Change as a process - the curve of change
- "Selling" internally the change
- Preparing the organization for change
- Strategic and tactical planning for change
- Changing individuals, teams, processes
- Anticipating, recognizing, and managing resistance to change
- Continued change
- The manager's toolkit for change

Personal coaching for managers


The program is for:
- General managers
- Chief Executive Officers
- Depaetment managers
- Team leaders
- Project managers

The objectives of the counselling program:
1. Managers with better performances
2. Incresed self-confidence
3. Updated leadership techniques and tools
4. Jointly solving real problems from the organization

The program includes:
- The analysis of the managerial context for the subject-manager
- Objectively assesing the stregths and weknesses relative to the objectives/expectations
- Management techniques, abilities and instruments directly applicable to the specific situations that the manager is facing
- Objectives for self-improvement as a manager
- A self-improvement plan
- The customized self-improvement toolkit


Management Communication


The course is for:
- General managers
- Chief Executive Officers
- Depaetment managers
- Team leaders
- Project managers
- Human Resources Managers
- Marketing and communication personnel
- Other categories of personnel

The course objectives:
1. A more efficient organization
2. Less conflicts
3. More sales
4. Accelerated business development

The program includes:
- The elements of communication
- Communication styles
- Listening
- Barriers to commuication
- The power of words
- Internal communication
- Rules of e-mail communication
- Best practices for telephone communication
- Communication with the authorities
- Communicating with the journalists
- How to say NO and be liked
- The 7Cs of successful communnication
- Organizational communication
- Specific communnication (sales, public, negotiation, motivational)
- Crisis communication (unvailed mistake, urgent decision, un-popular actions)
- Conflict management
- Organizing and managing meetings
- Administrative correspondence
- The communication strategy and plan
- Communication campaigns - concept, plan, execution, impact assessment, report


Negotiation and presentation techniques


Negotiation and presentation techniques

The course is for:
- General managers
- Chief Executive Officers
- Depaetment managers
- Team leaders
- Project managers
- sales agents
- Marketing and communication personnel

Course objectives:
1. Improved persuation abilities
2. Easiness in preparing and clarity iin delivering public presentations
3. Less conflicts inn the organization

The course agenda includes:
- The practical guide for preparing a negotiation
- Negotiation types and how to handle each
- Negotiating without conforontation techniques
- The steps to a successful presentation
- The logical flow of a presentation
- Best practices for a successful presentation content
- The main rules of a PowerPoint presentation
- How to avoid nervousness before a presentation
- How to get and to keep the attention of any audience
- Identifying and neutralizing the disruptive individuals in the audience
- NLP techniques in a presentation
- Persuation strategies
- The importance of body language
- Presentation impact evaluation



Costs control and Reduction


The course is for:
- General managers
- Chief Executive Officers
- Depaetment managers
- Team leaders
- Project managers

The course objectives:
1. Reduced specific, relative costs
2. Increased operational efficiency
3. Maximised personnel productivity
4. Improved analytical instruments for planning and decision-making

The program includes:

- How to put together a robust and realistic plan and budget
- Anticipating and programming activities and resources
- Calculating the length and the costs of a project
- How to quantify risks
- Reporting for past results and anticipating future activities
- The cost structure associated to the resources
- Cost-benefit analysis
- Management by budgets


Time management - 11 extra days per year

The course is for:
- all types of management personnel

Course objectives:
1. identifying and reducing the influence of time-consuming factors
2. Using new and efficient time management techniques
3. Increasing the deadline meeting rate
4. More respect for everyone's time

The course agenda includes:
- time - a way to measure quality
- meet the time thieves
- planning and prioritizing (practical priorities-setting techniques)
- focusing on objectives
- urgent Vs. important
- response Vs. solution
- conflicting priorities management
- delegation - benefits & limitations
- the importance of efficient reporting
- "time = money" Vs. "time = health"
- time - a critical factor for the personal and team productivity
- tools and technology to help manage time


Performance management


The course is for:

- General managers
- Chief Executive Officers
- Depaetment managers
- Team leaders
- Project managers
- Human Resources Managers
- Operations/Production managers

The course objectives:
1. Quantifying the current performance and productivity of individuals, teams, the organization
2. Implementing performance monitoring instruments
3. Implementation of adapted instruments for performance and productivcvity enhancement

The program includes:

- The 3 Cs of high-performance management
- Management by objectives
- Effective Vs. Efficient
- Strategic decisions, tactical plans
- Performance definition depending on the specifics of each company and activity
- Cuantifying productivity
- Key performance indicators, adapted for each compaMotivating people for performance
- Bonus/malus policies connected with performance and productivity


People management - Modern leadership


The course is for:

- General/Executive/Operation/Production/Department managers
- Project managers
- Team leaders
- HR managers

The course objectives:
1. Establishing strong and professional managers in the organization
2. Increased engagement and motivation of personnel
3. reduced conflict and personnel rotation
4. faster business development

The program includes:
- Basic principles for organizing a healthy business
- Better understanding the role of the manager
- management as a process
- The basics of leadership
- Power sources
- Negotiating priorities
- Conflictt management
- Different perspectives toward performance and productivity
- Confort Vs. motivating factors
- Modern motivational techniques


Details about the Courses for Managers:

Highly experienced managers share their experience with you


Clement Dan has studied engineering, psychology and business development in Romania and the United Kingdom. With over 20 years of experience in business consulting in Europe, USA and Japan, Clement also writes for business publications.

Oana Filip specializes in customer relations, with over 15 years of experience in the field, and has a solid engineering as well as psychology educational background. Oana has coordinated business start-up and business development projects, training and personnel performance assessment projects for important companies in retail, manufacturing, logistics, financial services.

Details about the BusinessMachine team HERE.

Format adapted specifically for management personnel

For the management courses the format is:

A 22-hour course program, in 8 practical training sessions of 2 hours each, held once or twice a week (over 4-8 weeks), plus 6 hours of practical follow-up, three months after the initial training.
Testing the participants takes place in the last training session, diplomas and certificates are provided to all who pass the test. Upon request by management, an analysis of potential can be provided for each participant.

FREE - an additional follow-up session within 12 months after the program (saved value: EUR 200,-)

Sessions hours (recommended): 5:00 to 7:00 pm.
Sessions calendar: according to the preferences of the client-company
Location: on-site (the trainers come to you)
Groups of 4 to 10 participants (recommended).

For a customized coaching program, we will adapt to the calendar preferred by the client.

Set price - the more participants, the cheaper

Bring in any number of participants, the price stays the same!

The price for any course program for managers is: EUR 1.600 (except VAT) and
does not scale up, no matter the group size.
NOTE: the quoted price is for the above-mentioned format; should you desire a
customized program or individual coaching, please contact us to adapt the
contents, the format and the price to your priorities and budget.


Immediate and concrete results


Practical training for real-life situations.
Training based on examples from the real life of team leaders, project managers,
department coordinators, executive or general managers, directors.
Born from the experience of hundreds of business consulting engagements, the
BusinessMachine training programs are focusing on immediate applicability in the
participants' work environment.
The efficiency and high performance of personnel come from a robust set of
skills, tools and practices, which we adapt to your specifics and transfer to
your people.
During the training program, the participants not only get new information and
update their skills, but also find solutions to real challenges they are facing
in their activity.
Clients opinions HERE.


Practical training and management consulting engagements in many industries:

Practical training

Accelerated sales 
"There is no such thing as good or bad salespeople; there's only people who sell and people who get sold."

Fast access to new markets 
"Companies do not invest in marketing and sales when they are successful, they are successful when they invest in marketing and sales."

Middle-management: team leaders are important 
"The overall results of the business depend on how well middle-management performs."

P4P (pay for performance) - an engine for productivity

"The most modern and efficent compensation system, equally preferred by the employees and the business owners."

TimeToMarket (RO)

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Omul mileniului III se percepe pe sine tot mai mult drept un individ unic și irepetabil, cu personalitatea și sensibilitățile sale, care îl definesc ca om. Surprinzător – sau nu – oamenilor pare să le fie bine așa, acest nou comportament, ne-rațional și bazat preponderent pe EMOȚII nu este și disfuncțional. Realitatea obiectivă însă nu se schimbă, doar percepția noastră despre ea. Acceptând emoțiile, sentimentele și dorințele drept ceea ce sunt nu trebuie, totuși, să devenim o țintă și mai ușoară tehnicilor consumeriste îndreptate asupra noastră.

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