Recent engagements

Over-achieving Middle Management

  The formation of a well-trained and highly motivated middle-management team for a leader in logistics and transportation, enabled the company to grow faster and safer than planned. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['G...

Efficiency and Turnover

The efficiency increase in all the processes of a printing company, starting with sales management and followed by personnel training, resulted in a 15% yearly growth of the overall business. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i...

A motivated sales team

The practical training for the sales staff of a chain of IT&C stores, and an intensive motivation enhancement program led to immediate effects visible in the sales agents' productivity and the sales figures..

Examples of completed engagements, by industries:



Assistance in the merger of two major players in IT&C distribution. Re-organizing and efficient development of the operations of the resulting company, that grew from 65 to 120 outlets and from 350 to 1,400 employees, coutry-wide, in the following 3 years.   


Development strategy and direct management assistance for the expansion of a sweets stores chain in Bucharest, improvement of the operational profitability, updating the image and communication, opening two new lines of business.


IT & C


A major Romanian data security software developer requested us to restructure their international marketing strategy, and also had us directly involved in the implementation of the international markets development plan. Outsourcing the management of the international marketing to us led to the rapid establishment of a new software brand internationally and allowed for the doubling of the turnover for three years in a row.


A dynamic printing company decided they needed to optimize their operational costs control system, in order to increase their efficiency. After analysing their cost structure, the management could not find ways to significantly improve the costs of their operations, that were running in a way perfected organically, over the past 10 years. Called in to resolve the situation, we took advantage of our objective point of view, separate from the organization's culture, habits and history, and identified 22 sources for optimyzing the production and commercial processes. Simplifying the activities, the processes and the job descriptions, we also introduced a few - simple and efficient - costs and performance control instruments, and generated an increase of the company's efficency by 11%.




For a major foreign investor in Romania, unconventionally drilling for mineral resources, we developed the market entry strategy and provided direct assistance in the execution of their national scale PR & PA  plan, directly involved in the local communication and information campaigns, to ensure a positive public perception from the decision-makers as well as the general population. 


An important provider of fiscal auditing and consulting services had realized that, along with the recession, the market had schrinked and the competition for a solid client portfolio had toughened. An internal study revealed that it was the quality and not the price of the services that mattered most for the clients. In their line of business, quality of service equals accuracy and timelyness of the work done by the employees. Therefore the management decided to ensure the highest possible level of employee performance, to secure the client portfolio and the leading position.
The BusinessMachine consultants defined, with the management, the most relevant set of key performance indicators for the specific organization. We developed and implemented different sets of periodical performance assessment activities, for each professional as well as for teams, using relevant, mesurable and acceptable criteria. Each assessment indicated improvement actions. We assisted the management in implementing the new performance management system for a few semesters, leading to a significant improvement of both the financial performance of the company, as well as of the individual satisfaction of the employees.




A regional leader in medical services acquired new, additional, and highly qualified specialists. This enhanced their services capacity and quality, adding premium-class services to their offer, but did not bring more sales. On the contrary, the change reflected negatively in the cost structure.

We were asked to restructure the marketing and sales function, we also recruited and trained specialized sales personnel, created sales and marketing processes and implemented efficient tools for accelerated sales. Our specialists initiated and ran promotional campaigns and got directly involved in the business development process. Our intervention resulted in doubling the business volume in the first 6 moths into the engagement.





For the Chamber of Representatives of the Senate of Romania, the BusinessMachine specialists organized and promoted a five-day international event cetered on the world's top priorities regarding energy efficiency, highlighting the aplicability of solutions that are specific for Romania. 



 Our marketing and business development specialists have supported the creation, promotion and the establishment of a prestigious musical group that is, by its technique and repertory, a premiere and, so far, unique in the world. 



The members of the BusinessMachine team provided all the technical support for the formation and the development of professional and business owners associations in three industies: manufacuring, IT&C, and lighting.




The international business development specialists from BusinessMachine were contracted by an economic development organization in Washington, D.C. for the setup, strategy development, and direct management of a three-year business development project to support the international competitiveness enhancement of the Romanian manufacturing sector. The engagement resulted in over 20 joint venture manufacturing businesses and an increase in export. 





A few Romanian furniture manufacturers were trying to export their products to the USA, at a time when the conditions were right. Their financial resources proved insufficient for any of them or collectively to access so different and remote a business environment, to adapt their product lines, to approach the distribution channels, to establish and consolidate a commercial presence in the target market.

Called upon to assist, we structured a coherent action group and a single business project, seeking an investment of over USD 1 Million. We facilitated the contact of the producers with several potential partners in the target market, we identified the appropriate investor, and assisted the manufacturers in documenting, presenting and successfully negotiating their proposal. We also assited the management of the local companies in the first stages of the new business relationship.




We were selected by a regional leader in the field of generation and distribution of energy from renewable sources to plan and organize a series of media events in Bucharest and a few locations in the country, in order to promote the modernization and diversification projects of the operator, who was under a significant amount of pressure from the media, the local authorities as well as from the population.



A fast-growing importer and national distributor of modular solutions for civil and industrial constructions contacted us for the concept and execution of their annual company and personnel performance assessment sessions, involving all their teams and partners, throughout the country.



The BusinessMachine team provided the formation of a well-trained and highly motivated middle-management team for a leader in logistics and transportation, enabling the company to grow even faster and safer than planned.



We were selected for the re-launching of a stylish restaurant in the old city of Bucharest. We developed an efficent communicaton strategy and plan, and assited the management every step in the implementation. The objectives of the engagement, to impose the brand, to double the turnover, and to increase the profitability by 10% were achieved by an intensive promotional and communications program, over 12 months. 




For a fast-growing insurance broker, we provided direct assistance with two sales development campaigns, based on expanding their network of loyal customers and efficiently managing it with a specialized software tool. 




For a leader in operational leasing in Romania we implemented a customized sales personnel training program, leading to an increased speed of sales, as well as a higher personnel productivity, in a period of budgets contaction and decreasing transaction volumes.  




The BusinessMachine team was requested to intervene for the optimization of all the processes and operational costs of a dynamic real estate agency in Bucharest, which had grown impressively during tthe economic boom years but was now confronted with the need to adapt rapidly to the recession.


Practical training and management consulting engagements in many industries:

Practical training

Accelerated sales 
"There is no such thing as good or bad salespeople; there's only people who sell and people who get sold."

Fast access to new markets 
"Companies do not invest in marketing and sales when they are successful, they are successful when they invest in marketing and sales."

Middle-management: team leaders are important 
"The overall results of the business depend on how well middle-management performs."

P4P (pay for performance) - an engine for productivity

"The most modern and efficent compensation system, equally preferred by the employees and the business owners."

TimeToMarket (RO)

#78: Dupa lege, religie, ratiune si emotii, ce mai cumparam?

Omul mileniului III se percepe pe sine tot mai mult drept un individ unic și irepetabil, cu personalitatea și sensibilitățile sale, care îl definesc ca om. Surprinzător – sau nu – oamenilor pare să le fie bine așa, acest nou comportament, ne-rațional și bazat preponderent pe EMOȚII nu este și disfuncțional. Realitatea obiectivă însă nu se schimbă, doar percepția noastră despre ea. Acceptând emoțiile, sentimentele și dorințele drept ceea ce sunt nu trebuie, totuși, să devenim o țintă și mai ușoară tehnicilor consumeriste îndreptate asupra noastră.

Cât de liber mai decidem? [citeste tot]


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