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  • "Efficient training endows people with tools and knowledge immediately applicable in their work environment: practical and motivational training for real life!." 
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  • Potential clients need what you are offering but yet they hesitate to buy. Access to new markets, an attractive image,
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  •   Firms have to generate profit, from sales and from cost management as well. The latter is the most important
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  •   Many good business development projects only need financing. At the same time, a lot of investors are searching for
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159 engagements, 112 clients, 17 industries

Demonstrated results for a portfolio of companies
in a variety of industries, in ten different


Experienced team

After more than 20 years of working with people, we know that they are always different. Every company and every industry are, also, unique.


Examples of successful enagagements

Processes eficiency, training and motivating personnel, top managenet counselling, middle management enforcement.


Trusted partners

Over the years, we have developmed a multi-competence support network, to provide complete solutions to our clients.


Client testimonials

More efficient and more motivated employees, more satisfied managers, and business owners more confident in the sustainable business development.


Free resources

Management education does not come cheap. Management errors are costly. The BusinessMachine management case studies will always be free.




Management errors, out of ignorance or lack of experience, are costly..

Management education does not come cheap, also.


The case studies, the analyses, and the examples of solutions from real-life managers in the ”TimeToMarket” collection are yours FOR FREE, always.


 REGISTER , read, and apply in your work!  Results will show immediately.

Why BusinessMachine?

Additional specialists

Add extra force and experience to your team, for as long as you need and with a minimal cost. Learn more ...

Practical results

We approach each engagement with practical methods and we measure our success by the concrete results generated for you. Learn more ...

Added value

The consultants produce added value for the client-firm. We guarantee success, sharing the financial risc with you. Learn more ...

Practical training and management consulting engagements in many industries:

Practical training

Accelerated sales 
"There is no such thing as good or bad salespeople; there's only people who sell and people who get sold."

Fast access to new markets 
"Companies do not invest in marketing and sales when they are successful, they are successful when they invest in marketing and sales."

Middle-management: team leaders are important 
"The overall results of the business depend on how well middle-management performs."

P4P (pay for performance) - an engine for productivity

"The most modern and efficent compensation system, equally preferred by the employees and the business owners."

TimeToMarket (RO)

#78: Dupa lege, religie, ratiune si emotii, ce mai cumparam?

Omul mileniului III se percepe pe sine tot mai mult drept un individ unic și irepetabil, cu personalitatea și sensibilitățile sale, care îl definesc ca om. Surprinzător – sau nu – oamenilor pare să le fie bine așa, acest nou comportament, ne-rațional și bazat preponderent pe EMOȚII nu este și disfuncțional. Realitatea obiectivă însă nu se schimbă, doar percepția noastră despre ea. Acceptând emoțiile, sentimentele și dorințele drept ceea ce sunt nu trebuie, totuși, să devenim o țintă și mai ușoară tehnicilor consumeriste îndreptate asupra noastră.

Cât de liber mai decidem? [citeste tot]


Bd. Libertății nr. 1,      Intrarea 2, Et. 4, Ap. 34,      Cod Postal 040127, Sector 4, București, România
+4 0 721 228 331
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